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Donor information
United Way of Cayuga County will not disclose your personal information to its partner agencies or any other third parties without your prior consent, except as required by law.

E-Newsletter and other e-communications
We do not disclose your email address to any third parties. You may sign up for our e-newsletter in confidence, knowing your address will not be shared.

Donating online
When you donate online by credit card, information is transferred over an encrypted secure socket layer and process by Community Bank, NA.

Website visitor tracking
United Way tracks web use traffic patterns to enhance those areas that are most useful to visitors, but this tracking is never associated with individual users.

A cookie is a small data file that our web site sends to enhance the visitor’s experience but never to track personally identifiable information about the visitor.

If at any time you believe the information presented by United Way is incorrect or needs to be changed, please contact us.

Website Usage Policy
By visiting this site, you accept the following Terms and Conditions:

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  • Unless otherwise noted, everything at this web site is protected by copyright and may not be used except as provided in this policy.
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