photo 3The United Way of Cayuga County is committed to improving lives in our community by advancing the common good and addressing the underlying causes of problems. United Way is dedicated to community involvement and focused on creating long-lasting changes that will positively affect today, tomorrow and generations to come.

United Way conducts an annual campaign to raise dollars for agency partner programs through all sectors of the community including Local Foundations, Major Firms, Small Business, Professionals, Human Services, Public Services, SEFA, Education, Community, County South and County North. As their fiduciary responsibility, the Fund Distribution/Agency Relations Committee consisting of trained volunteers, recommends the proposed funded program allocations to the Board of Directors for approval. Recommendations for funded program allocations are based on in-depth needs assessment, agency interviews and measureable outcomes.

United Way of Cayuga County is a nonprofit organization serving Cayuga County. Each United Way operates autonomously, with their own local Board of Directors.


Our Mission

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community



The United Way was founded in Denver, Colorado, in 1887. Church leaders began the Charity Organization Society which coordinated services and fund raising for 22 agencies. The first fund raising efforts raised $21,700. Multiple Community Chest organizations joined the American Association for Community Organizations in 1918. The number of Community Chest organizations increased from 39 to 353 between 1919 and 1929, and surpassed 1,000 by 1948. By 1963, and after several name changes, the term United Way was adopted. Today, there are over 1,400 United Way organizations reporting over $4.2 billion in contributions worldwide.